About us

Ibex is a mountain goat that’s found in the snowy mountains of Himalayas and the rainforests of Nilgiris, The Ibex’s rugged build and survival skills is a symbol of endurance and fortitude and is the inspiration for our line of well-crafted cast aluminium furniture. Much like the sturdy mountain goat, every aspect of an Ibex Lifestyle product is built to survive the outdoors and last for years on end. We have leveraged our scientific expertise in aluminium die-cast manufacturing to create aesthetically pleasing furniture that adds style to your outdoor lifestyle. These thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted furniture and accessories are sure to breathe life into any space.

Sleek and stylish cast aluminium body

Lightweight build

Non-corrosive paint coating

Easy maintenance

With Ibex Lifestyle, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture will survive the test of time, and look good doing it!